Thoughts on crafting after retirement

Well I have been retired for a few months, I am finally free to be a housewife and crafter. I have always wanted to do just this. I was not one of those little girls that wanted to be a lawyer, doctor or judge. There is nothing wrong with having goals or dreams, it just that I wanted to do nothing more than stay home, take care of my family and create. At this point there is so much I want to do that I find myself moving from one project to another. It’s a bit overwhelming to get my dream come true. I’m 55 years young, and I have lots of energy, so I’m currently painting the cement in the backyard (yes my husband does want to yell at me.) I am designing a cactus, rose, flowers and rock garden in the front yard. I also planted a few palmeria trees. I just completed up-cycling an ottoman that I found on the side of the road, broken in three places, green material and dog hair… yuk!!! it turned out beautifully. I made jewelry to sell for Mothers Day. I’m working on organizing my craft room, and trying to work on my painting, scrapbooking, clay sculptures, stamping, Cricut designs, and helping friends with their crafts. See? I told you I’m all over the place. Hopefully next time I blog, I will post some pictures of completed projects and let you know how I overcame my “obsession to get it all done” ….. later peeps.


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